DS3232RTC Library with Adafruit Feather M0

I have used the example TimeRTC (from the DS3232RTC library) on an Arduino Promini without incident but I get errors when trying to compile it on the Feather M0 using Arduino1.8.5.

I have checked for old versions of libraries, boards, etc and reckon all is uptodate.

Can anyone help me overcome this issue?


Error Message.txt (4.14 KB)

The error messages indicate that you were compiling some code you didn't post. They indicate that the compiler has no idea what an Rtc is. Why do you think the compiler should know what an Rtc is?

Post your code, and explain where the library you are using comes from. There are a number of RTC libraries out there I think.

Shortly after my first post I found there was an update released a few days ago to the DS3232RTC library. This changed the error messages I was getting but still left me with messages I did not understand. After much digging around I discovered an issue on GitHub that the library could not be used on ATSAMD21 processors and there would not be updates to make it work.

So I am left with now trying to find a new library that will work on boards like the Feather M0 and give me the alarm functions I need.

Thanks for reading my posts an I am sorry to mislead you.