DS3234 [INT] alarm pin watched by an Atmega328 interrupt

When using the DS3234, I normally have the alarm pin on it connected to my atmea328 on D2 or D3 with an interrupt turned on. But in my current project, I already have the two interrupts being used. But it should be okay to connect it to any digital pin right? I can just poll that digital pin occasionally to see if it's been triggered. (the DS3234 alarm doesn't need to be to precise, so I could just check the pin once every few seconds)
Will this work?

Will this work?

Probably not. How long does the clock keep the pin high? It it is not a "few seconds", you will miss the pin state changes.

Why does the clock generate the interrupt? Can you query the clock to see if the interrupt event has happened?

You can do pin change interrupts (there is a library) on all pins on the 328-based Arduinos.

The pin goes low when the alarm triggers, and stays low until I reset the alarm flag bit.

That will work as long as you are sure to poll the alarm bit before the next alarm occurs. E.g. if you are polling "every few seconds" and the alarm occurs once a minute.


OK, thanks. Yes, the alarm will only trigger every few hours