DS4231 eeprom hack

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I have a portable cable label printer (BRANDY BMP61). Since the cable labels are small, the printer only uses a small portion of the width of the ink ribbon. So when it run out, I flipped the ribbon the other way to reuse it, since the ink is there!

It worked great for a couple of prints until the message “out of ribbon” appeared. Turns out the ribbon has a chip (DS4231 eeprom) that ‘knows’ how much ribbon is left.

I managed to read the eeprom and write on it (I wrote exactly the hex values of a new ribbon that I bought) but still it doesn’t work. So there must be something else that identifies to the printer that this ribbon is used. Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

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It’s a 128 byte chip

Read an old and a new cartridge and compare, see what is different.

Hi @CrossRoads ! Thanks for your reply.

I did exactly that, and all the 128 hex values that I read, I copied to the old one but this it wouldn’t work. Is there maybe another value that I’m not reading or another way to differentiate between two different chips?

I don’t know. Check the datasheet, maybe there are some other addresses they play some games with.

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