DSLR remote trigger via Ethernet

Was wondering if anyone can offer advice. what I'm trying to do is set up a switch that will trigger a DSLR camera, via the remote control port using the Arduino board + Ethernet shield, to close a dry contact in the camera and shoot frames. Has anyone done this? Not sure if Arduino board can support dry contacts ( closing a switch .) In essence; i want to take pictures using the remote switch via ethernet.
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


What camera?

Depends on the camera, but it is feasable. I have a NIKON DSLR camera and this can be done fairly simply using an optoisolator to isolate the camera from the circuit (additional protection).

In the case of the Nikon DSLR, it is basically completing the circuit that triggers the camera to fire, except you have to complete the focus circuit first, then the shutter one.

I am sure people can offer more advice when you mention what camera.

Ethernet is a wired connection.

If you want WiFi, use an ESP8266 instead of an Arduino.

Thank you. Its A Cannon Mark II EOS 1DX DSLR, remote port no different then Nikon in concept. it has 3 pins: shutter, focus and ground. don't need the focus pin as the Camera will be manually focused. I just need to close the contact via ethernet. My application is mainly via ethernet, but will consider WiFi, Thank you.


Should be pretty straightforward. Just split it up into manageable chunks:
1: First get the arduino to close the relay
2: Get the PC talking to the arduino via the internet
3: Connect the camera