DTMFDuino: Remote control your entire house from your phone!!

This project is based in my father's project "DTMF remote control with PIC". http://www.atva.com.ar/dtmf_3dj/dtmf_3dj.htm (spanish)
Since I haven't time to work with PICs, I ported the project to AVR using an Atmega328p with Arduino bootloader.

This project is very similar to my father's one, because the working method is the same. We use a DTMF decoder like MT8870 or HT9170 (compatible pin to pin) to decode the analog audio signal and 'extract' the dtmf codes and convert it to a digital binary signal.

That binary signal is easily interpreted by an Arduino, after that I parse it storing the received signals into an array to command some outputs.

This is the github project: GitHub - reynico/DTMFDuino: DTMFDuino receives DTMF tones through a MT8870 integrated circuit who converts the analog audio of tones to a binary code understandable by the microcontroller. The microcontroller runs Arduino bootloader and converts the received codes to actions (turn on and off some outputs), also the system has the option to know the current state of each output.

Here is the schematic circuit:

And a video: - YouTube

Sorry for my english!

Greetings from Argentina

Nice project!
How save is this against intruders?

Hi, thanks!!

For the moment no. There isn't a security implementation because where i go to put this i don't need any secured system, but is very easy to develop a function to protect the controller (with a hexa password I think)

I want to know some more information can you please help me ?

you should be more specific...

Ok thanks . I need a system that can take trigger from one Smoke sensor , one Temperature sensor and one PIR sensor and make a phone call to

some specific defined phone numbers and play the recorded voice and stop. I have temperature sensor lm35 , Analogue PIR Sensor , Arduino uno ,

a telephone instrument , SD Card , and Two relay isolated module etc. i have already checked playing a wav file from sd card , DTMF tone playing , my plan is to play a dtmf tone with arduino and give its output to telephone receiver mic and all this need to work auto, I need the sequential flow of

this project pls help as i need this in my server room for security purpose. thanks for help.

did anyone help you or were you successful in finding a script for multiple numbers