Dual Button L293D

I’m trying to get this code to work but for some reason the buttons are doing nothing.

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Check the input voltages with a DVM or the like.


Have you actually built this project?

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I was wrong about my previous statement. The L293D is not reversable but in your circuit you can reverse it if you are using 5V for both logic (Vcc1) and power (Vcc2) :innocent:.

You forgot to connect Vcc2 (pin 8 of the L293D) to +5V.
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From your picture it appears the buttons are wired wrong. A schematic would be much easier to follow then the frizzy thing. Use your volt meter and see if the voltage switches from 5V to Ground when you press the button, if not miswire confirmed.

Do you have a DMM to measure some voltages?

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Had the enabler set up wrong thank you

So your code now works?

Tom… :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Yeah all good thanks

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