dual colour LEDs with arduino

Hi all,

Not 100% sure this is the right area for this question but i was wondering if anyone new of a uk based seller or white and red dual or bi colour LEDs so far all i seem to find is US based with deliver costs of $60 for 4 LEDs.

Anyway... any help will be much appreciated :)


They're 60 cents each here: http://www.unique-leds.com/index.php?target=products&product_id=1973 They're based in the states so I don't know what shipping will be. They say they have fare(sic) shipping.

fare(sic) shipping?

Well i have ordered 6 and wacked on old usps letter mail at $9 and says 10+ days so.... we shall see how it is... but atleast it was better than $20 or so for other companies.

Thanks :)