Dual gauge sensor


I'm looking for guidance on measuring two pressures P1 and P2 with an I2C digital pressure sensor. I'm trying to obtain both the gauge pressure for p1 and P2 as well as the pressure differential between P1 and P2.

Would the best way to accomplish this be to purchase a dual port Honeywell gauge sensor then measure the difference between P1 and P2 in software? I was looking at some of the digital I2C 1psi temperature compensated sensors Honeywell makes. Is there a sensor that does both differential and individual gauge pressures on two ports?

Without a link to the datasheet for the pressure sensor you are thinking of using how can anyone help?


Here is one I found. Will this dual port gauge sensor give two gauge pressures? Or is one port sensing atmospheric pressure?

This is listed under the category gauge/ differential? Does it do both or is it referring to the product line having both sensors available individually.

I've read the data sheets, and I believe the only way to accomplish what I want is with two separate gauge sensors, but was looking for a more elegant solution possibly using one sensor.

You need 3 values . One sensor can't provide this unless you use valves ( whether manual or solenoid) to connect it in different ways.

Is that more elegant? - you decide.