Dual half digit 7 segment

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I need help. Anyone know how to connect Luckylight Dual half digit 7-Segment (18pin) into Adafruit HT16k33 Backpack(14pin).

KWE-501CVB.pdf (269 KB)

Whats the model number of the LED module?
Is it common anode or common cathode?

A datasheet would be great.

18 pin smells to me like common nothing :wink: You could indeed connect that up if you know the pinout.

But a quick Google suggests you mean "Luckylight Dual Digit Alphanumeric Displays" which has also 18 pin... It depends if you have the right version (common cathode or common anode) if you're able to connect it. And even if you can, you can only se it as a 7 segment display, not as a alphanumeric display.

Model : KWE-501AVB/KWE-501CVB

Which of those two is it? The one ending "AVB" is common anode, the "CVB" is common cathode.

Do you want to know about the cluster in the pictures or the module?

And you can check with a coin cell (or another low current supply) whether it's the common anode or cathode.

Recently i'm started programming with Arduino and currently making a project digital cluster with Arduino Uno Atmega328P. Refer from my cluster. From my picture , i don't know whether common anode or common cathode. Can u advise.

Your reply does not answer my question and seems to have confused you. I don't know what the relevance of all the pictures you posted was.

All I am asking is for you to read the part number printed on the led display. Does it end with "AVB" or "CVB"?

It is possible?

Don't know yet. Do you have a circuit diagram for your cluster?

This thread is totally confusing. First you give two part numbers for a Luckylight display that you say you want to use, but you will not say which of those two it is. Then you say you have no part number and start talking about something else entirely, some part of a car dashboard display, and about using canbus. It feels like you are wasting our time.