dual motor esc hack

first of all, I hope you are doing well in these strange times (if you read this in the corona crisis).

the problems of the ESC
1; brakes too hard
2; too fast for the begian law (max 25km / h)

the solution (I think)
make another remote control or recode the original.

how? i have no idea, for that i need your help =)

The communication with the remote control and the ESC is via 2.4ghz, although there is something on the esc about 2.4gt but I have no idea what that means.

my first idea was to connect the remote to an NRF24L01 and then read what it says with the serial monitor when you brake or accelerate, and then change the code on the remote.

But after some looking up and trying I don't think it will be that simple. Because you need an address and everything to communicate with the remote control.

but then I was wondering if it is possible to search for a device just like bluetooth and then automatically connect to it. is that possible?

or does anyone have any other ideas?
or is it impossible ??

translated by googl