Dual slot SD card reader with display


I am looking for some advice on the feasibility of the following project:

Dual Slot SD Card Reader With Display

Purpose: to review/transfer/delete images from wildlife trail cameras in the field.


So, I would bring the device out info the field, remove an SD card from the trail camera, insert it into the device, review the images or video footage, then decide if I want to keep the file(s) (transfer to the second card) or not, also I would like to have the option to format the card in the device.

I have seen many of the display shield options out there for Arduino but I am not certain if they will display image and video files and the videos/tutorials that I have come across don't have very detailed information.

Also, I am not sure what would be necessary in order for these files to be played back on the device.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Thank you,


Video and 8 bit controllers do not fit together nicely, you'll need at least one of the big and fast controllers/boards.

I'd think that your project boils down to the question, whether it's easier to add 2 SD card readers to a (mobile) PC grade system (with OS and GUI), or to attach a video-capable display (touch screen...) to a controller without an OS.

A search for dual SD card readers reveals several products, attachable to any mobile device (smartphone...) by USB.