Dual Temperature Sensing

I want to use the Arduino to give me regular updates from 2 x Temperature Sensors mounted externally to give outside temperatures. Can anyone suggest a good sensor to use that is reasonably accurate and will give a good temperature range for the British weather (-10 to +40 degrees C typically)?

I've had good luck with the DS1621 - http://www.maxim-ic.com/quick_view2.cfm/qv_pk/2737

It's I2C (two wire) interface makes it easy to add more sensors. You should find several Arduno examples around here that use this sensor.

The distance between your 2 sensors will likely be a consideration as well.

I have used the DS18B20 with the one wire library. They read from -55c to 125c

Please yourself the favor and use either DS18B20 (you can connect many many sensors to just two wires!) or the SHT11 (reads temperature and humidity)...

Thanks guys. I've ordered 3 x DS18B20. Cheers.