Dual USB Ports for Arduino

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I am currently working on a project which the Arduino would be very useful for, the Arduino will use 2 RF-ID readers to detect tags in a box, and light up an LED to indicate whether the Tags were detected or not. The issue I’m having is that i cant find an Arduino with 2 USB ports to use the needed 2 RF-ID readers.

My questions are:

Is there an arduino with 2 USB ports available?
If not how can i add more USB ports to the design? or is there a product better suited to my needs?

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Is there an arduino with 2 USB ports available?

No. I think you are coming at this backwards. You can not plug one USB output RFID reader into an arduino let alone two. The arduino is not a USB host. Get RFID readers with serial outputs and combine them in the arduino to send to your PC. What do you want the arduino to do in any case if you are just connecting it to the PC?

I am looking to create a standalone device without the use of a PC, I may have misunderstood the Arduinos capabilities, Ideally i want a device which can handle the outputs from the RF-ID readers, maybe a device like a raspberry PI would be more suitable?


a device which can handle the outputs from the RF-ID readers

Can't you find readers with different output, say just serial?


While Mikes right you are coming at the problem backwards.

The arduino is not a USB host.

The Arduino YUN IS a usb host.


Yes please find Serial connectivity based RFID readers ,using the USB interface one needs a USB host capable uC and then use the stack to build up the app on uC to be able to work the RFID readers as you want which believe me would be very tedious task and is a costly way of doing what you are doing!

If you want to anyways get it working with USB interface RFID readers then use Arduino DUE it has a 32bitter ARM chip that has built in USB host perpheral and for the second reader you can use a SPI communication based max34e21 acquipped USB host shield. Google more to go about this way!

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want a device which can handle the outputs from the RF-ID readers,

RFID readers with a USB output while they do exist are not very common. Common form of output from an RFID reader are:-

Wegand - two pulsing outputs easily read by any arduino Serial TTL - can be directly connected to the serial port of an Arduino - the Mega has 4 serial ports - the Uno only one but you can use a software emulation of the serial port for the other reader. RS232 - you need a level converter like a MAX232 chip to convert this output into TTL before it can be connected to the Arduino.