Due and freeze after 50 - 60 minutes.


I have a Due with a Tiny RTC and Oled display.
The Due freeze after a 50 - 60 minutes.
The Tiny rtc have a DS1307.

Both (RTC and Oled) on I2C.

On the Due is a ethernet-shield.

I have the watchdog on, the Due restart now after 50 - 60 minutes!

What are wrong :-X


Well, the honest answer is that I have no idea. You haven't given much info to go on. My only guess involves asking whether you rely on the value returned from micros(). The value is 32 bit and overflows in 71.6 minutes so that's sort of close to your 50-60 minute freeze. But, that's a wild guess.

You can help narrow it down by removing things to see if it gets better or worse. For instance, remove the RTC and see if it lasts longer. Or, remove the oled and find some way to monitor the status and see if it lasts longer. Or maybe lower the I2C speed. Try different things, one at a time, to see if anything seems to help. This might narrow the issue down.

Thanks, The Due freeze after 3549667758 microseconds = 59,1611293 minutes ????

What is er wrong???

The problem is that you did not show the code you are using, or how you are powering the Due and the other components.