Due and the ITDB02 Display shield

Hello community,

i want to use a 3.2 inch display and the suitable display shield like this:


Is this possible? what do i have to change because the due IO pins only can stand up to 3.3 V? Does anybody have this combination and can help me with this?

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I got itdb02 but 5" lcd vorks on 3.3v operating voltage i use shield from your auction + due, works fine

Thanks for your reply, now i wanted to start working with my display and i stuck with an black screen, no backlight at all.

I downloaded the UTFT 2.0 lib and have installed the latest arduino software. Then i startet the UTFT_320x240 example and changed the LCD setup to: UTFT myGLCD(ITDB32S,38,39,40,41) which should be the right setup for my display, i also checked the hole UTFT documentation. the only thing i noticed is that on the front bottom side of the display where the cable for Touch and the display itself are mounted the area got a little warm.

I should mention that my displayglass cracked a bit but i cannot believe that know not even the backlight works.

Who knows what to do or has some advice?

does anyone know the model to specify for the SainSmart 3.2" touch screen version with mega shield for use on the DUE? i can not find (typical with SainSmart) any info that suggests what it really is. it uses the SSD1289 controller according to the link in the original post in this thread. my guess is that the model should be the ITDB02-3.2S because it uses the same controller and the S stands for "shield" ???

if anyone has used this and has any new information or corrections please advise.

I believe is TFT01-32

Look in library documentation to make sure it's typed correctly, it's there. ;)