DUE Arduino Dual Edge Pwm

Hello friends
I want generate pwm signal that output of each channel enable after the previous one
For example, when Channel 1 pwm output Switched from high to low channel 2 output Switched from low to high and channel 3 output Switched to high after Channel 2 pwm output Switched from high to low and…(Like the attached image)
I was doing this with the LPC microcontroller and keil uvision software whit “PWM_CHANNEL_DUAL_EDGE” Command.
anyone can help me how to do this with arduino due?
thanks for your help

OPs diagram.

Tom.. :slight_smile:

I didn't understand what you meant

It seems that all your 6 PWM signals have same frequency and duty cycle. The best solution is to use the PWM synchro feature.

PWM channel 0 is the "master" PWM to set the frequency for all other synchro channels. You define a full period for PWM channel 0, then you postpone PWM channels 1,2,3,4,5. Search in the DUE sub forum for example sketches with PWM synchro channels with a PDC DMA.

...or if that ties you up too much, you could put a bag of software PWM in there, and control each channel any way you like.

Is this part of your "bridge inverter"?