Due bno055 problem


I have bno055, in other boards it works fine but in due not working.It detect I2C at address 0x28 and 0x76 but i cant get values.

Other topicks didnt help me, after a while anyone knows solution?

bno055: Gravity BNO055+BMP280 intelligent 10DOF AHRS(V1.0) Module - DFRobot



It appears something is not connected correctly or another I2C device is causing problems. The data sheet states:The default I²C address of the BNO055 device is 0101001b (0x29). The alternative address
0101000b (0x28), in I2C mode the input pin COM3 can be used to select between the primary and alternative I2C address as shown in Table 4-7.
Table 4-7: I2C address selection
I2C configuration COM3_state I2C address
Slave HIGH 0x29
Slave LOW 0x28
HID-I2C X 0x40

I tried 0x29 and 0x28 but it didn’t change.i will try 0x40 but i didnt get why we are getting this bromlem in Due board

#include “Wire.h”

typedef DFRobot_BNO055_IIC BNO;

BNO bno(&Wire, 0x28);