Due Carputer. Feasability.


I'm still learning with Arduino but haven't touched a Due. I've made a few projects come to life with Uno's and Pro mini's.

One project I'd like to tackle is a Carputer. I realise that it's too much for an Uno with what I want it to do.

Touch display. Sat Nav. MP3 player. Car data display via a Megajolt ( something I'm working on as a stand alone project on an Uno ) - I have an old car so Megajolt is as close to an ECU as I'm going to get.

Is this something that's a viable project for a Due or should I be looking at a Raspberry Pi instead?



You'd be better off with the RPi. It already has HDMI to interface with an LCD screen so that's a big bonus right off the bat. It's FAR faster and has more memory. If you hope to do a touch screen and MP3 player then a Due just isn't going to have the horsepower you need. Sat Nav is a whole other can of worms. You're really looking at a very large and complicated project here.

As I suspected. Thanks for that. Good to get a second opinion.

Yeah. I appreciate it's by no means an easy project. But these things push us forward I suppose. :)