Due compatibility with MEGA prototype sheild v3

Hi there,

I have a number of MEGA 2650 prototype shields, and DUE's. For the most part they work well together, however I came across an issue that when the shield is attached to the DUE, I can no longer connect to the DUE for uploading sketches, or controlling them with firmata devices. I saw this thread a couple years ago, suggesting the 5V/3.3V issues: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=389559.0

Oddly enough, if I run it under firmata, I can turn channels on and off using firmata.exe test programs, so some communication via USB is possible.

Any suggestions on why the sheild is disrupting full USB communication with the DUE board?

-additional note - Here's a pic of a setup I tried while debugging, I connected only the lines I needed to the board, and I could upload sketches again, so my hunch is that some channels are incompatible between the MEGA and DUE that are causing the interference. link - Dropbox - IMG_20190224_144657.jpg - Simplify your life

You can use the Mega Protoshield with a Due. It does nothing more than mate with the Arduino headers.

However it seems fairly pointless to buy a Protoshield and then use trailing wires to connect to the Due.
Surely you should solder the appropriate wiring and external electronics to the Protoshield and plug it in.

All the male pins should mate with corresponding sockets as Nature intended.

Note that the 3x2 SPI header on a Due does not go to 51-53.


Hi there,

I put the wires merely for debugging purposes to see if I isolated only the wires I used, would it still work, and it did.

Thanks for the info I found a solution and will post it next!.


I solved the problem by cutting the RESET pin on the MEGA prototype shield!

There may have been a wierd grounding issue where my reset on the shield kept getting triggered, which would leave the prototype circuit fine, but the board not to connect.