due digital read speed

Hi, I'd like to know how fast can the Arduino due read its digital pins using standard Arduino read write(cause I've never programed arm)? I have an adc that has a sample rate of 75 MHz that I am reading with an fpga that will get the some of n samples, and pass the value to 13 + drdy digital pins and I want the Due to read those 14 bits and send the data to my computer via the high speed usb. I hope that my only limit is the high speed usb's 480Mbit/s because the faster I can send data to my computer via usb the less samples I have to add together.

thanks, sorry if I wasn't very clear

The speed is fixed at the native USB bit rate, 480 Mbit/sec for Due, but data is only transmitted when all 3 components (receiving software, host controller chip, and Due's packet buffers) are ready to transfer data.

The maximum speed you can expect is only 849 Kbytes/s, far from the theoretical maximum (53.248 Mbyte/sec) and this speed may change dramatically depending on the software receiving the data on the PC side.

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