Due External RAM

I am trying to create a system that will use an exorbitant amount of RAM to store sensor values. It looks like I will need about 2MB of RAM. To meet timing requirements, all the data has to be in RAM at once so I can't have a flash chip connected over I2C or something like that. I looked into the microcontroller the Arduino Due uses, AT91SAM3X8E, and it looks like it has 96KiB of internal RAM and support for tens of megabytes of external RAM, which well exceeds my requirements. I'm trying to find a way to prototype without having to have a custom PCB manufactured so I'm trying to see if the Due supports external RAM being connected to it, but I couldn't find any documentation related to that.

So my question is:

  1. Does the Arduino Due have the correct pins of the microcontroller exposed to be able to connect SRAM chips to its external bus?
  2. Is there an Arduino library that makes this process easy or do I have to delve into the low level stuff?

And just to clarify again, I can't use an SPI/I2C/etc. SRAM chip, please do not recommend that. I need the memory to be exposed directly as RAM to the processor.

Thanks in advance.

may be some ideas in that thread

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