DUE i2C connections

I want to see the output of a 2nd HMC5883L magnetometer connected to my DUE but am having problems using the 2nd i2C port.

The i2C port on pins 20 and 21 seems to work fine with the sensor connected to those pins.

I am using wire.h command in the sketch and have pull-up resistors on the SDL1 and SLA1 pins.

Is there a special wire command required?

also, when using two identical sensors, how do I get the sketch to differentiate between the two? i.e. do I rewrite the instruction set aiming at a different internal address on the DUE?

I would like to review some DUE sketch examples using both i2C ports to help me understand this a little better

thank you

magsensor_test_file_v1_MRL.ino (5.24 KB)

There were some issues with the wire library back when i used it like 1-2 years ago. I remember downloading a patch from a github but I would have to google it again. Maybe you can find something quicker with this information.