Due overclocking library

Hi :) I've created an overclocking library for the arduino due !

You can find it here: https://github.com/AlexandreRouma/DueOverclock

It can:

  • Set the Due's CPU Frequency
  • Set the Due's CPU Multiplier
  • Get the Due's CPU Frequency
  • Get the Due's CPU Multiplier
  • Get the corrected value of millis()
  • Get the corrected version of micros()
  • Delay with a corrected value so the delay you entre the the real delay (microseconds also available)

  • Convert real delay to Overclocked delay

  • Convert Overclocked delay to real delay

Hope it will be usefull to someone ^^

And the due Run stable on 114Mhz?

Whats the max frequency?

Yes, it can actualy run WAY higher, but the limmit depends on your board.

I got stable overclocks up to 186 Mhz :)

And if you want to consume less power, you can also under clock it.

Note that the UART wont work if you change the frequency, but for some reason, the ISP will !