DUE "phone" not turning on when cold

Hi! I have this project of a "phone". It consists of:

  • Arduino DUE,
  • 4x4 Keypad,
  • SD Data shield,
  • a phone receiver detect (on/off)
  • an Amp and a Speaker.

I am using a 9V 1A power source to power everything. On the first turn on, if the board is cold, the Arduino won't run the program (I can see the lights and hear a bit of sound from the speaker). If I replug it - all is fine. What could cause it?

Some electronics have a minimum operating temperature.

Please specify how cold "cold" is.

I should have written "cold" - it's room temperature. Just not pre-turned on. Quite weird.
I have used the same setup party outside, in -15C without a problem.

I can't help much beyond that other than telling you to get rid of that alkaline battery and use LiPos.

It seems my Arduino DUE was faulty...
New DUE - no problems.

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