Due programmer port LED orientation

My due has arrived with the TX LED next to the barrel charger/power port detached from the board. I can probably solder this back on myself but I cannot work out the orientation required.
On the pinout diagram it has all the LED's oriented the same way, with current flowing inwards towards the chip, but I am not sure if this is accurate or simply an abstraction for the diagram

The board I have has the 4 LED's, RX,TX,L, ON all oriented the same way, with the green edge outwards compared to the chip, yet the programmer port has the RX LED's facing inwards with this green edge.

Is anyone able to assist with either a picture of their own LED orientations or simply knowledge.
Many thanks in advance

Personally I would send it back for a new one. I would expect you have a board that was not soldered properly and will give you problems in the future.

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