DUE Programming port not Enumerating


I am an EE with 10 yrs experience in hardware/firmware design. I do design projects all the time from scratch and am very antiquated with TI, Atmel, and Mircochip MCUs.

I picked up an Arduino DUE and started programming with the standard IDE. --COOL TOOL, COOL HARDWARE--

After 3 weeks of playing with it and loading standard and custom scripts and libraries, the USB on the programming port stopped enumerating. No other hardware was added to the DUE. I was using the USB to provide the power. No shorting by inadvertent pieces of metal. I unplugged it over night and came back the next day and it was like this.

Power still works on the programming port and I have cleared my current script (the L-LED connected to D13 is on steady when I power the unit up now).

The Native port also powers the device and fails to enumerate (but I would expect that because of the lack of program), but the PC (Windows 7) at least reacts to the USB being plugged in.

Advice? What has Happened?

Again, the programming port does not cause the PC to react in anyway whatsoever. Nothing is in device manager (no unknown device or otherwise).

Thanks ahead of time!