Due PWM channels

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Arduino and the SAM3X8E controller. According to the site and manual for the Due, there are 8 PWM channels but on the board itself it ranches from PWM 2-13 ( http://www.robgray.com/temp/Due-pinout-WEB.png ). I've managed to create square waves at high frequencies (>20kHz) and vary the duty cycle fine by writing to the digital pin as according to the Due pinout using the Arduino IDE. I'm also attempting to use the Atmel IDE; I've managed to get the LED to blink on-off but having trouble initializing the PWM module.

What I like to do at the end is to send PWM signals to gate drives for a DC/AC inverter. I would have to compare the square wave with a sine wave so the duty cycle of the signal would vary according to the sine function.

What I would like help on please is that if I set/reset bits in the PWM registers, for say PWM channel 1, which pin on the Due would the output be present? I need to be able to use the comparisons, interrupts, dead time capabilities of the PWM module.