DUE + Sainsmart CTE50 TFT Problem after calibrating

Hi guys! In need of help. I calibrated the CTE50 TFT and doubted on the values returned for
CAL_X 0x00000000UL
CAL_Y 0x00000000UL
CAL_S 0x8031F1DFUL

Note: During the calibration process, everything was fine. But, after the calibration I tried uploading the examples like button testing and the CTE50 isn't responding to the touch.

The problem is in the title 'Sainsmart'.

Sorry, buy cheap buy twice! :confused:

You need one of these :-



I got only one TFT :frowning: What other 5" TFT could you recommend me? Thank you!

There is nothing wrong with the CTE50, but not Sainsmart.

The link I gave you are all genuine ColdTears Electronics displays, you will have no problems with those.

Hi! Resolved the problem about the TFT :slight_smile: Just needed to change the pin number for UTouch :slight_smile: Now, my problem is that, the fonts are too small. :frowning: