DUE SerialUSB and Windows 10

I have read a lot of posts about SerialUSB communication issues but nothing seems to describe the issue I am having.

I can flash as simple as the ASCIITable modified example modified to use SerialUSB or something like GVRET which can be found at: GitHub - collin80/GVRET: Generalized Vehicle Reverse Engineering Tool - firmware for Arduino Due based boards,

When I flash the code (using either programming or native ports) I can connect to the native port one time after the code is flashed. But, this is using another COM port representing the native port.

For example if I flash with the native port com 8 then when the board resets, the native port is now connected to COM9. If I open COM9 then everything works as expected (lists out ASCII table or I can access the GVRET configuration menu. But, if I close the serial monitor, the previous connected port (COM9 which was identified as the native port) disappears.

The previous native port (identified at com8) is still there but when I open the monitor nothing happens.

I can reset the board, unplug and re-plug the USB it back in an nothing.

This happens both when I power off of external power supply or if I power off of USB.

Any ideas?

I only can reconnect after I re-flash the board but it seems to be a "one time thing".

Thank you in advance.

Bruce Vernham

try to use a dedicated terminal emulator program like putty. and check the COM states in device manager.