DUE Timer Software Docs

I've been able to implement a triac phase control project by extrapolating DUE timer examples posted on this forum. Those use a collection of what I assume to be macros that compile without the use of a library, including TC_Configure(), TC_SetRA(), TC_Start(), TC_ReadCV), among others.

The syntax and parameters loosely follow register and bit definitions in the SAM3X/SAM3A Datasheet, but discovering the syntax for a method or two I have needed has been guesswork.

Does anyone know where the complete set of these is formally documented?


I see a list of functions:

extern void TC_Configure( Tc *pTc, uint32_t dwChannel, uint32_t dwMode ) ;

extern void TC_Start( Tc *pTc, uint32_t dwChannel ) ;

extern void TC_Stop( Tc *pTc, uint32_t dwChannel ) ;

extern uint32_t TC_FindMckDivisor( uint32_t dwFreq, uint32_t dwMCk, uint32_t *dwDiv, uint32_t *dwTcClks, uint32_t dwBoardMCK ) ;

extern uint32_t TC_ReadCV(Tc *p_tc, uint32_t ul_channel);

extern uint32_t TC_GetStatus(Tc *p_tc, uint32_t ul_channel);

extern void TC_SetRA(Tc *tc, uint32_t chan, uint32_t v) ;

extern void TC_SetRB(Tc *tc, uint32_t chan, uint32_t v) ;

extern void TC_SetRC(Tc *tc, uint32_t chan, uint32_t v) ;

tc.h - header file in :
and associated tc.c