Due TWI0 / (SDA1, SCL1)

I trying to use SDA1 and SCL1 (TWI0), but i don't know how to configure the Wire.h library (or Wire.cpp).
I didn't find where Arduino configure the use of TWI1...

any suggestion?

Thanks in Advance

Hello fichmant,

Replace any wire.xxx function with the correspondent wire1.xxx. And don't forget to use 4.7K pull-up resistors.

You don't need to touch the Wire library (.h,.cpp) or the class(TwoWire). The pin definition for Wire1 is already defined in Wire (.h,.cpp) and variant (.h,.cpp).



If I am using 2 LCD with same non configurable address can anyone post a code how can communicate with both LCD using SCL/SDA and SCL1/SCDA1 in Arduino Due?

hanks for your help