Due with Ethernet shield

Hello, I have thought about buying Arduino Due to use ARM microcontroller. I have just finished electronic engineering and I want to use ARM microcontroller to develop my own projects. Can I use ethernet shield on Arduino Due or it's betther use Arduino Mega to use it. I am going to use my mobile phone as monitor of my project so its a good idea using Arduino Due and Ethernet shield to do it? Thanks.

Bluetooth might be better, or a WiFi module. Using Ethernet means you need some other device to get from Ethernet to Wifi, which is fine if all of your projects are for home use only (your router will probably do it for you).

But, before you buy anything, decide on a project first then work out what you need to get.

If you do decide you need Ethernet, the Due is a good match with an Ethernet 2 shield.

Thanks for your advice, I will use bluetooth better than ethernet :wink: