Due with the SimpleAudioPlayer

Has anyone got success with a Due board and the audio player. I see there was a few guys that blew the DAC in the beginning. I do not want to try it and damage the board. I am new to the Arduino environment , please leave any comment or suggestion if you have tried and got success.

I have. You need to use an Audio amp connected to the DAC. I got one from adafruit but there are plenty around.

The amp takes the low power signal from the DAC and boosts it so it can safely supply enough current to drive a speaker.

You also need to hook up an SD card.

I have had trouble when there is a large delay between repeating the mp3. But doesn't appear to be a hardware problem. See here.

When you get yours going, I'd be interested to see if you can repeat the same issue.

What pins did you use to connect the sd card, if you are only using a sd shield and not the ethernet one.

I'm using a sainsmart LCD that has an SD card on it. It uses pin53 for the CS.

Hi got the board and it and got it to work, the only thong is that there is a high pitch noise as well. Any ideas?