Due'ish with more ram ?

I like the DUE , have two of them but they are crippled from a external memory point of view ..

Has anyone looked into locating or building a board that has the memory maxed out ? ( 16Megx8 using one chipselect )

Not for Arduino DUE but maybe this firm can help developing it?
They made this shield for the MEGA: - SRAM Expansion Shield for Arduino Mega - #3 by robtillaart - Products and Services - Arduino Forum -

can’t be a sheild just because the way the DUE was wired (few signals messed up / mis wired )
needs a brand new board –

  • i’d take a swing at it but i’m behind on projects as it is …

Didn't GreyNomad produce such a board? Or at lease a design for it.

Yes he is/was. Here's the thread link


It will only address 6MB though, 2MB on board and another 4MB on a "shield".

We've done a heck of a lot of work on the design (with help from some forum members) but at this point it's unclear if we will proceed or not due the to complexity of the design, well at least the number of things that have to be done and it's a lot of work for two men and a dog. And one of the men (not me unfortunately) is currently motorbiking around Europe so I think we'll decide what to do when he gets back.


i should have done a bit more research prior to ask the questions ...
I have a fpga board in front of me that has a 32Mx16 chip / i presumed it was sram ... D'oH it is DRAM

looking up vendors, looks like best choice may be a Pseudo SRAM but its a pain to find a vendor that sells a tsop package in a size >8Mbit