Duemianova firmware with AtMega168

Hello! I've just now assembled a diy arduino duemianova. It is based on AtMega168 and has only ports and FT232 to connect with computer via usb. Everything is built following the original schematics. I'm not new in microcontrollers, but new to AVR ones. Now I have a problem - I don't know what bootloader should I choose and what fuses to set to burn it. I have a simple LPT STK200/300 programmer for AVR's. Please, help me!

Choose Arduino diecimila, duemilanove or nano with atmega 168 from the "tools -> board" menu in the arduino IDE.

The use tool -> burn bootloader w/ parallel programmer that should do the trick.

All fuses are correctly set, no manual setting needed.

Have fun with your new homebrew duino!