Duemilanove +5V pin amperage?

What's the max amperage available from the +5V pin on the Duemilanove?

I'm hooking up 3 RGB common anode LEDs in parallel (each color is in parallel so I'd have 1 anode and 3 cathodes, 1 of each color) and was wondering if I can have the +5V pin power the anode.

LED specs: FW current: 30mA (green/blue), 50mA (red) FW supply: 3.5V typical, 4.0V max (green/blue); 2.0V typical, 2.6V max (red)

You can get about 400mA through the regulator without it getting too hot. See:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Tutorial/Power_Examples.html

Thanks again, Grumpy_Mike!!! :)

And if your using USB power then the limit is around 500ma total and is protected by a thermofuse.