Duemilanove and Bluetooth

Hi Guys,

Im new to this forum and to Arduino world too. Now that I have a Duemilanove, im thinking about interface it with my pc and even my smartphone too using bluetooth.

Talking to people on IRC and changing mails they said to buy a BlueSMIRF Bluetooth, which has all the bluetooth stack needed to my Arduino to work well.

My question is, someone here already interfaced your arduino with BlueSMIRF or another bluetooth adapter? I know that exists ArduinoBT but i've already bought my Duemilanove. Its hard to interface? Can someone give me links or tips?

Another one; Someone out of EUA has bought something in SparkFun? Did you pay extra taxes? Im Brazilian, and BlueSMIRF costs at least 50$ + send taxes.

Whats the diference between BlueSMIRF GOLD and SILVER?

Thanks ;)

I found some who did something like what im supposed to


Someone here know the owner of this blog?