Duemilanove + Enc28j60

Ok guys. I recently bought the famous (cheap) enc28j60-based ethernet shield from ebay. Most specifically, it was made by ekitszone.com. I had already done my homework and found that this shield does not work with the standard ethernet lib. I have downloaded the etherShield library for it, which seems to be a really nice non-official work. Anyway, I was easily able to compile the webserver example from the library. Eveything went fine, it compiled and sent to the board. So I hooked the arduino off the computer, connected the shield and plugged the ethernet cable to it and to the router. Router LED started to blink and I tought it was working. It is not.

Anyway, long story made short: I can compile and upload the examples. The router LED blinks (as if there was connection) but I cannot access it from the browser and the ping does not respond.

Things I did: - Changed the ip on the sketch to my range (sounds stupid, but I've read that some people just forget it) - Compiled under win7 64bits, Ubuntu 64bits, winXP 32bits. I know it should make no difference, but I'm a little without hopes. - Made a cross-over cable and connected directly to my PC. What happened: windows thinks i'ts an unknown network and send lots of packets but does not receive anyone)

The shield is exactly this one: http://ekitszone.com/images/thumbs/0000014_300.jpg

So shouldnt I start to think the problem is in the shield? Or am I missing somthing?

Many thanks in advance!