Duemilanove with Nokia 6610 + Joystick Shield?

Has anybody gotten these two pieces of hardware to work together? I've got a Duemilanove with an ATmega328 and picked up this LCD shield from nuelectronics.com a few weeks ago. After several days of tinkering I still haven't gotten the LCD screen to do anything, even using the included demo and hardware libraries (both the old ones and the new IDE0017/ATMEGA328 versions he's added).

I tried to write my own driver for the screen from scratch with the help of James P Lynch's tutorial at Sparkfun, but was overwhelmed by the fact that I'm new to C programming to begin with and James' tutorial uses an Olimex board with different ports than the Arduino.

I know that someone must have gotten these two to play nice together at some point, as evidenced in projects like this rotating cube display. I've tried using the source code from successful projects like these to no avail, so I assume that the problem lies in the libraries somewhere- but my n00b skills have been holding me back so far.

Is there anybody here who's already done this, or anyone with an idea of what the problem might be? Thanks in advance for any input. Oh, and hi! I'm new here.

I know this sounds silly but I would check top ensure that the IDE 0017 is set to the Duemulanove 328 and that you have the proper port number selected. Also, ensure that you are using the newer sample code that was supplied on the product page that is compatible with your set-up. This is what I did and was able to get the demo running.