Duemilanove with Sure Green 8x32 Matrix

Hi I am still finding it hard to find out how to use jumper wires to connect my Arduino Duemilanove to my Sure 0832 Matrix. It would be great if you guys could say which port on the 16pin serial cable of the matrix goes to which port on the Arduino. And you would be a live saver if you could supply me with a test code that lights up the whole board.


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I still cant get the Matrix to light up. This is how I have it plugged in:

Matrix------>Arduino CS1 Digital 10 (On the matrix CS1 is switched to on) WR RX RD TX Data Digital 11 GND Digital GND OSC Digital 12 +5V 5V

What am I doing wrong? :'(

No, that not even close :'( But I do not have my display near by... You have to connect Data (7) and the Write strobe (5) to two arbitrary Arduino pins. CS should be high, I think.

Don't connect the serial lines!!!!

You use that library? http://milesburton.com/index.php/Arduino_&_the_Sure_2416_Information_Display

YES!!!!!!!!!! I was using the Burton library from the start but did not fully understand what I was supposed to do with it. I finally got it working about 15 minutes before I finally received a helpfull answer. Yay!!! ;D

It should be Matrix------>Arduino CS1 Digital 4 (On the matrix CS1 is switched to on) WR Digital 11 Data Digital 10 GND Digital GND +5V 5V