Duemilanove working with a short???

Hi everyone! I think that there is short on my board. I'm able to run code and everything seems to work normal (I am a newb btw), but I just wanted to know if other people had something similar to this on their board. I"ve checked with a multimeter to see if these two pins are shorted, and they are indeed connected by this little blob. Here is some pics

Pins 25 and 26 of the FT232RL, "test" and "agnd," are both tied to ground in the design, so should be shorted to each other: http://www.arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/arduino-duemilanove-schematic.pdf

Still kind of odd that there's a bridge like that!

I was looking for that schematic for some time but couldn't find it. Thanks so much!

Mine is like that as well, and I too panicked when I first saw it until I noticed that the traces also connect, at which point I figured it was intentional. Where did you buy yours? I thought maybe a certain distributor was doing it.

I bought mine from sparkfun.com