Duh made a mistake...

Didn't know where to put this, I figured troubleshooting would do.

I was trying to make a new project and had the perf board with socket, clock, and other parts all done. No short or solder bridge, everything seemed good. But when I put the programmed chip in, nothing happened. I checked the voltage, all present. I checked with the o-scope, clock was clocking on 2 pins and at a glance nothing seemed wrong. I rechecked the chip in my Uno, it worked fine.

Rechecked the code, nothing seemed wrong. The main part was in the loop and should have been running at the begining. Yet I still got nothing on my project.

I rechecked every pin. The + rail connected to both Vcc and +ref pin, and - rail to -ref and ground pin.

I looked at the schematic closely. And that's when I found the issue. I accidentally tied pin 1 to ground, forcing it to remain in reset.


Please tell me I am not the only one to make such a dumb mistake that would have been hard to make by accident.

There are to types of people, those who have done a dumb thing and those are going to do a dumb thing!

Of course I won't admit to being one of the former.......;)