Duino name generator!

have fun…

First one popping up is Deaduino… must be a sign…

Toduino. Haha, always something to do if you have a duino.
Nuduino occurred twice in one run. ;D

Hey, now I have a source for naming variables in my sketches.

Messing with the limits is fun :slight_smile:



Easy for YOU to say! ;D

Wouldn’t it be easier to just say Supercalifragilistiduino
and be done with it?


Isn’t that a volcano in Iceland?


You’re mistaking it with Eyjafjallajokull.

This thread is a convenient way to bring up something that confuses me. According to the policy page on the website:



What about other uses of the word “Arduino”?

We do, however, have a few requirements:

-you do not include the word “Arduino” (or derivatives thereof) in the name of your product, company, or domain name without permission

I interpret this to mean that unofficial “-duino” names aren’t acceptable, though it is clearly a wide practice anyways. In my own projects, when I’ve created custom “clones,” I’ve always given them unique, non-duino names and have been careful with the use of the word “Arduino” when describing them.

I’m not trying to cause a ruckus, just trying to play by the rules! But, maybe I’m interpreting the rules too strictly? Clearly, my interpretation seems more strict than most of the community.

At this point -duino is sort of a standard, and it is a preamble to attribution, add -duino to a project and most people (in the electronics world) will know it is based on Arduino.