duinomite mega with lcd

Hi I have a lcd YM 12864c that I would like to connect on a mega duinomite any idea about the the schedule and library and the next connecting to the display conection : cs1, cs2, rs, r/w, E, db0-db7, rst,

display: http://www.yaoyu-lcm.com/english/admin/Software/20067610313044467.pdf board: http://www.olimex.com/dev/duinomite-mega.html

The Duinomite has a PIC brand chip on it so, it may not be as simple as coping Arduino Uno pinouts.

For reference: Arduinos use Atmel Atmega chips.

but there is example of the board and display:

and the forum:

Thanks but can you tell about the signals of the display also ff and what signal do you need for the activation of cs1 and cs2

What you appear to have there is essentially a PIC microcontroller on a pc board that is configured to accept shields designed to be used with an Arduino. This means that you can easily connect hardware that is physically configured to be used with an Arduino to your PIC microcontroller.

As far as software is concerned you won't find much useful information in this forum since the Arduino software will not run on your PIC. You might be able to dissect some of the GLCD libraries and rewrite them, but that is about all you can expect.


This file is on your computer.


so I understand that it can't or? do you have an example posted but the connections and the library have any idea then where should I also called I can find I want to create a graphical lcd on the olimex but if I had, I came from an example

The duinomite is not an Arduino; it uses a completely incompatible processor called a PIC. Arduino software will not run on the duinomite. You should try posting to a duinomite website like http://www.duinomite.com/?s=lcd, or find a PIC support site.