DuinoStamp - Tiny board with just enough.

Some-time ago, Justin Wyatt approached me with his design for a stamp-sized Arduino board; several revisions later, I'm proud to introduce the DuinoStamp.

The Duinostamp is a convenient breakout board allowing you to easily embed an Arduino compatible environment into your project. The same size as a 34-pin 0.600" DIP, it's easy to incorporate into bread-boards, perf-board, or PCBs. It contains all the components and connections you need, without including costly and large extras.

These are available as a full kit (just under 10USD) or a bare PCB (just over 4USD).

Questions, comments, whatever, bring them on.

hey that's pretty cute! Is the bootloader burner on the kit chip?


Yes, the bootloader is pre-burned on the kit chips.

Wow, this is very nice. Any chance you will be making a board like this with a crystal instead of the resonator?


In this size, I think it's unlikely. The crystal's simply bigger and the added loading caps make it bigger still.

(See this thread though.

Thanks for the link to the thread. I'm sure most of my projects will work just fine on these. ... Has anyone ever had any problems with serial communication. That was the only issue I was really worried about with using resonators.

I'll definitely have to buy several of these little gems.


As confirmed by the ATmega168 datasheets, practical experience, and ladyada's input, UARTs are expected to cope with an order of magnitude worse error than a typical resonator introduces. I have yet to hear of a resonator preventing serial communications, in fact, many people successfully use resonators to drive USB transceivers.

Beautiful. I will definitely be grabbing some of these. Excellent price too!


Hi everyone I'm new to the forum. But reasonably aged in the microprocessor area. My real name is Justin and I was involved in the design of these. Currently waiting for my shipment of them to arrive :) Can't wait to get them and give them a workout. I'd like to say a big public thank you to spiffed for taking my idea and making it a reality. I'm still spun out about the low price.


I didn't see the schematic and board layout on your site. Can you hit us with a link to them?

Thanks, Tim

Schematic and layout are available from the sources link on the left hand side of the page. Both Justin's and my sources are there.


I must have missed it.

I'm looking to make some permanent boards, and this looks like a good basis for such a thing.

Thanks again, Tim

[EDIT] ahhhh, and I finally found the pinhead library in eagle. Thank you, thank you, thank you. lol [/EDIT]

Any thoughts of doing a surface mount version of the board?