Duinotech UNO & MEGA 2560 WiFi Boards - esp Programme will not compile

Hi Guys,
I bought a couple of boards from my local Jaycar recently, an UNO & a MEGA2560 both with WiFi onboard.
I followed the installation instructions and it appears everything is working hardware wise.
There is a test programme that comes with the Duinotech boards though, and it is in 2 parts. The first ARDUINO programme loads fine but I cannot get the esp programme to compile.
I have the dip switches 5, 6 & 7 set ‘On’ and I have selected the ‘Generic ESP 8266 Board’ as instructed. I get the message ‘Error compiling for board Generic ESP8266 module’ when I try to load it to either board.
I’m fairly new to Arduino and by no means an expert on IDE, but I assume a compiler error means there is something wrong with the code itself, so my question is whether anyone else has experienced this, because try as I might I cannot see what is wrong code wise.

You need to start by citing what boards these actually are.

Sorry Paul but the heading is the only description I have.
One is a Duinotech Mega 2560 with Wi-Fi and the other is a Duinotech UNO with Wi-Fi.
What else do I need to describe ?
They have an integrated ESP8266 board on a standard Arduino UNO & MEGA along with a set of 8 dip switches to facilitate communicating with each chip and between chips.
Does this help?

Also the software is for a XC4411

Just to close this off from my end - The issue was a dodgy ESP8266WebServer that I got off github.
My bad for trying to be too clever too fast I guess.
I took that out of the library and let the programme upload and voila - We have Wi-Fi on both boards.
I did update the firmware on the UNO by following the excellent article in DIYODE though, so we should work with the latest libraries in Arduino.

XC4411 is the Uno version.

Thanks Mick.
I did say there were 2 boards in the body of the post, one is a MEGA2560 and the other is a UNO.
I was trying to set both up, and eventually succeeded by removing something I got from GitHub without fully investigating it.
You are correct of course, I did initially try to use the XC4411 for the MEGA though, so your point is valid.
I deleted the library file I got from GitHub and let the installers I had do their stuff and both boards work now.
Those DIP switches are a pain unless you load up a programme and dedicate the board to it though.

If you go to the downloads tab of the product page for each board ( https://www.jaycar.com.au/uno-with-wi-fi/p/XC4411?pos=1&queryId=d645a5b4fee084eb2d549705286a26e3 ) for the UNO XC-4411 you will find a single page ‘manual’ and a software package of drivers for the Arduino & ESP8266. I have installed the Arduino file on my UNO and will do the ESP when my head is clearer

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