dumbness conspiracy theory

It makes me understand why user interfaces are becoming increasingly dumbed down over time. Every menu, option, configuration setting, etc. you remove makes for less tech support you have to pay for. For every advanced user you lose there are a hundred more average users to gain.

I had to “chat” with my telecom/internet provider last week.
About 10 layers of,
“if you need this then press this”
“if you need that then press that”
“type in your account number followed by the #key

and eventually you get to;
“All our consultants are busy at the moment… blah blah blah… We appreciate your call… blah blah blah… We would like to advise you there is a waiting time of 30minutes”

By the time I got to this point I put the phone on speaker and made and ate my tea and was about to do the dishes when I finally got a “consultant”.
Old timers disease nearly occured, almost forgot what I had called for… :o :o :o :o

By the time I got to this point I put the phone on speaker and made and ate my tea

I've done that too.

Being able to do so makes a complete nonsense of the the phone queuing system because the whole reason for the delay is probably people with their phones on speaker while making tea.

It would make far more sense if the systems just give an engaged tone when there is nobody available to take your call.


I rang customer support last week.
You are no 20 in the queue.
Made breakfast, came back you are no 14 in the queue.
Hour later i was down to no 4.

I waited.
Finally, 'you are no 1 in the queue.'

They hung up >:( >:( >:(


My all time favorite.
You can go tour website at blahblah.com and talk to a customer rep online you may find that quicker. !!!

Sure if my internet was working.

smart phones are the shit. :slight_smile:

Mine is $27 per month.


Nice little phone, not an entertainment system.
Tom… :slight_smile:

if you don't know how to use the tool, you may as well try cutting tough steak with a butter knife. it must be the knifes fault. :wink:


Or the cook's. I've had steak that cut with the side of the fork yet not overcooked.