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Hi all, I have decided to make my own board but i am a super newbie with little or no knowledge of electronics . i downloaded the schematic from the site and installed eagle to view it . i also got a method to print the pcbs by using printouts of the board layout . But unfortunately *i realized that it has patterns on both the sides of the board but , with equipments i have i can make only boards with prints on bottom . is thr any way to edit the board layout ? *and also those small resistors are not available near my house , can i replace them easily with the big ones in the board layout ? *here i go again . there is another problem tht i observed the microcontroller to be used with arduino Duemilanove is atmega168 but apparently i saw tht in the board layout it says the microcontroller is atmega8 am i missing something ? ? ? if so plzz help me To make my own Arduino Duemilanove :D Thnx to all in advance .

Single sided Arduino-compatible board: http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 as easy as it gets.

... but i am a super newbie with little or no knowledge of electronics .

I suggest that you start with a standard Arduino Board to get used with Arduino. As soon as you have some background knowledge you can built your own board. Otherwise you will face in to many problems.

Already with studying the Arduino Board you have lot of questions. And you will have a lot more questions when you build your own Arduino before you ever run your first Arduino Sketch. Believe me.

You will not be happy.

You won’t save any money, either.

k this http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3 sure did help but is this the starter board ? as webmeister said ? ? is this anyway different from Duemilanove ?

Functionally, it should be identical to the Duemilanove. The board is a little larger, and has all through-hole parts, where the Duemilanove uses some surface-mount parts. The Duemilanove uses traces on the back of the board, too, so it can be smaller.

The cost of the parts to put on the board, as well as the materials to make the board, will exceed the cost of buying a Duemilanove.

You would probably be better off learning about electronics and programming starting with a functioning board. Once you have a good understanding of how all the components work, then build your own.

Ponder about the device by Paul. He is absolutey right. I consider myself somewhat experienced but I would rather not attempt what you are doing. The first thing you always have to keep in mind is to keep complexity low. If you want to do everything on your own you will never reach anything.

The reason for doing your own board is that you want features that are not readily available otherwise.

Currently I have a “custom” board without any etching. I ordered a AT32 proto board that was 90% what I wanted and just adapted the crystal and the processor (644 instead of 32). Once the software is 100% what I want it, I might create a dedicated board. Starting with creating a new board is almost always the wrong approach.

This may be one of the cheapest solutions, if you insist on making your own: http://lab.guilhermemartins.net/2009/05/06/paperduino-prints/

kk ty all ..... anyway i posted this cause i couldnt buy the board as it is not available here and my dad wouldnt lend me his credit card for buying it ol .