Duplicate COM Ports / Serial Upload Issues

I've been having problems for months on several boards where Windows10 stops seeing the upload port of my SAMD21 based boards. This topic sounds identical to the following link that is almost a year old
"Same COM port many times". I thought I've been bricking boards but it turns out there's something else going on that I can't get a read on.

If I were to connect a new board I may be able to upload to it but the problem seems to get worse as I progress with uploading over the course of days and weeks until the point where the uploader hangs.

I've performed the steps to:
Close IDE, reseat USB connection and re-open IDE
Restart Windows
Reset the device after hitting upload
Hit reset twice
Disabling McAfee Lifescan, I have no other AV solution or watchguard running
Remove/Uninstall device from device manager while connected
Remove COM ports from "show hidden devices" in device manager
Uninstall USB host controller and restart
Re-install Arduino after also purging %appdata%
Remove VID/PID cache from the registry

As I google around I see there are people running different IDE's on different OS's having the same or similar problem. Unfortunately all solutions have failed for me and other forum posts I've been making seem to dead end.

Something that seems to be a common factor that may be worth mentioning is the SAMD21 architecture but I can't be sure.

So far I've "bricked" an Arduino Zero, A RobotDyn M0 mini (Zero Clone), 3 Seeedstudio XIAO's, a SeedStudio Wio Lite M126.

FWIW I don't have problems uploading to a Due but I'm using the upload port on that device.

I spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure out how to use a Black Magic Probe to upload using SWD in VSCode/PlatformIO I can't be sure I'm doing that right because there is a ridiculous amount of information and all kinds of flags that may or may not need to be set. There's not really a good tutorial on "Debugging/Uploading" using the SWD pads that I've broken out (and lifted pads in the process). It's clearly an advanced topic with a high barrier to entry and different people have different opinions about what "should work".

Anyone? Please?