Duplicate tweets error 403


I've set up my Arduino to tweet having used a token from here. I note what it says about not tweeting more than one a minute, and what it says about rejection of duplicates.

Tweeting from the sketch's setup() it was all good, so then I moved the code into loop(). I specifically:

  • Coded it via the RTC so that tweets were 3 minutes apart. Serial output confirmed that the skecth was only getting to the line that sends the tweet every three minutes
  • Coded the time-of-day into the tweet so that it wouldn't be a duplicate

But I still got Error 403s.... Duplicate tweet....

So, does anyone know the exact definition of "duplicate" and how to get round this problem.

(Yes, I know it's free, and I'm not trying to deny them service. I actually want to tweet the temperature from my house every 2 hours, but that's too long an elapsed time for testing, so I telescoped it down to minutes....)

I am not a Twitter kind of guy, but the duplicates can be avoided by inserting something into the message that is not the same every tweet, like a date/time or millis() value.

Yep ST, that's what I was doing: I added the time from the RTC, to no avail.

But it's no biggy, I'm going to experiment more....

If their system was still 'accusing' me of duplicates after adding a time stamp type of thing to the string I think I would set up something to add a random number (5~9) of groups of random letters in groups (3~7) to the string/text I was sending to see if that satisfied it or not.

I would format it as "Temp: ## {random-chars} {random-chars} {random-chars} {random-chars} {random-chars}"

I wasn't being too scientific in my testing, but this weekend I'll do it properly and note results more carefully.

Hello JimboZA

I have found your old thread regarding tweeting from Arduino:


I have been trying to adapt the Twitter code to incorporate a random string or the date/time with no luck.

Would you happen to have the relevant code available for posting on the thread please or any advice?